Why buy an LED emergency light for vehicles

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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46
In the past, traffic emergencies were handled by drivers wearing reflective vests and placing a warning tripod on the front and back of the car, with a min distance of 50 meters between the warning tripod and the stopped car. In this way, other vehicles can see the signal in time and make the necessary maneuver to avoid an accident.
In this case, the driver has to get out
of the vehicle and there is a huge safety risk, especially if there is traffic and the vehicle is traveling at more than 100 kilometers per hour. Also encountered bad weather, fog, night, darkness and other low visibility environment, away from the vehicle walk 50 meters more prone to traffic accidents. After years of tripods and many accidents caused by disembarking in poor visibility, Spain's transport ministry decided to make emergency lights that can be activated without disembarking and visible from a distance mandatory. Improves safety in emergency situations by avoiding putting drivers at risk. A royal decree that came into effect on 1 July 2021 introduced the V16 emergency signaling device and made it mandatory for every car to have it by 2026.